Individual Queen Bees (pickup only)

Individual Queen Bees (pickup only)

SKU: OAA20210005

Locally sourced and reared Italian queen bees.

  • Queen Bee Details.

    We locally source and rear our Italian queens to ensure that we have acclimated stock on the one hand; and some control over the attributes we seek (in order of gentleness, cleanliness, honey productivity and propolis production). Our queens are provided in a bee-proof enclosure with five or so attendant bees and sugar foundant. Available from late November of each year.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Aftercare

    We want to make sure that the introduction of your new queen bee to your colony is as high a chance of success as possible. We will contact you in advance to ensure that we meet your expectations and to offer help and advice if required. If you buy one of our queens you are welcome to discuss any matter regarding the health and state of your new or re-queened colony with us.