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Odd Acres Apiary is a family beekeeping business providing sustainable  beekeeping services in southern NSW. We pride ourselves on the quality and health of our bees and the innovative techniques we use to help them overcome the challenges of a degraded environment.


Beekeeping Services

Wellbeing, sustainability and quality

We promote the welfare of our bees through sustainable practices to ensure that what we do is not harmful to the environment. Being small and traditional means that we focus on quality outcomes for our customers and fellow beekeepers

Free Casual Beekeeper Support


Don't know how to do a full brood inspection ? Need help with splits ?

Checking for American Foulbrood disease, doing sugar shakes or even opening your Flow Hive for the first time in years can be a daunting experience for some beekeepers. We can help make this a lot easier for you as well as provide you with updates for your skills and knowledge so you have more confidence to do it yourself. Remember, the recent introduction of the Bee Biosecurity Code of Practice in NSW and Victoria places important obligations on all beekeepers to ensure that they regularly inspect their hives for disease.

Beekeeping Instruction

Very attentive children observing the work of the bees in their honeycomb with the interes

Want to learn about bees.... Not quite sure how to start ? Maybe you want to do an advanced topic ?

We can provide one-on-one or small group beekeeping sessions to make sure you know the basics, understand your obligations under the Bee Biosecurity Code Of Practice as well as cover more advanced topics such as hive splits or queen breeding. We walk you through the critical elements that will help you care for your colonies. We'll even leave you contact details so you can call us direct to discuss the advice we give you.

Professional Beekeeping Services


Need an extra pair of hands ?

Beekeeping can be absolutely "flat strap"!! If you are getting overwhelmed or you need some time to attend to important matters that get in the way of your normal routine - call us. We have formal beekeeping qualifications and can perform a wide range of jobs including hive maintenance, inspections, queen bee care, honey extraction/processing etc. We provide fully documented hive inspections, beehive re-location and more....


If you would like to contact us or just get some help, leave your message here....

PO Box 277, Gungahlin ACT 2912 Australia

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