Nucleus Colony

Nucleus Colony

SKU: OAA2020004

6-Frame Nucleus Colony of bees with a young, vigourous queen.

  • Nucleus Colony Details

    Each nucleus colony includes 5 fully drawn frames of bees and a new queen ready to transfer to your hive . We can provide the colony in a bee-proof box and deliver them to you if you are within 60 mins of the Canberra CBD (bee-proof box ordered seperately). Usually available from October thru January. We need at least 2 weeks notice of your order.

  • Returns and Refunds

    We provide a high degree of after-care for your nucleus colony. If you need assistance with introducing your colony to their new hive or you have concerns after its delivery we will provide a  complementary on-site visit for each colony you buy. We also provide ongoing advice for as long as you require it if you buy a nucleus colony from us. If you are still unsatisfied with our colony we will provide a 100 percent refund on return of the bees in the first month after purchase and 50 percent refund for two additional months after purchase.

  • Shipping Information

    You can come to our apiary and collect your bees for free.

    If you are unable to collect your bees, the following rates apply:

    • free delivery of upto 4 colonies within 15km of Canberra CBD.
    • a flat rate of $120 for 5-16 colonies within an hour's drive of Canberra CBD,
    • a flat rate of $230 for 1-16 colonies within three hours,
    • rates for 16+ colonies can be negotiated.