Our Technology

Beehive sensors

We monitor the colonies housing our top breeder queens and track internal hive temperature. We use various equipment, including Raspberry Pi development and integration, to experiment and try new ideas.

The picture above demonstrates one of our custom hive scales. We are working on a bee counter using technology to detect and count bees entering and leaving the hive entrance, including an acoustic sensor to measure the activity in the colony. 

Development of these new sensors will be posted on our News, Views, and Blogs page. 

Environmental Sensors

We use weather stations and sensors in our apiaries to capture the immediate climatology around the apiary location. Without the weather station, the closest information available is from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s facilities, usually from a different site, often distant from the apiary, rendering the data irrelevant. 

Sensors and data loggers capture hive temperatures, humidity and bee counts and are transmitted to our systems using LoRaWAN. We are satisfied users of The Things Network

Imagery and Geospatial data

There are several accessible geospatial data sources available to understand the nature of vegetation located in a 4 to 5-kilometre radius around each apiary. We use the geospatial data and information to undertake apiary site selection. 

We use drones to survey vegetation to understand the immediate floral distribution in the vegetation categories identified in the geospatial data. 

Technology Gallery 

Mellifera is an actual beehive of activity. Hover over any of our images in the gallery below to read more on the latest news and events.